30 August 2011


You can't choose you're family. And don't I know it. Relations on my Mum's side aren't exactly great, which makes having these old photos really special to me. I love photos (I've got hundreds from when i was little) but these are a couple of the 30 (ish) photos I've got of my Mum's family. There's somehting special about black and white photos too.

Above: My Grandpa with his siblings and parents. My Grandpa is one of 5 (he's the one on the far left of the top row, standing directly behind his twin sister).

Above: My beloved Nana, who sadly passed away when I was about 4, with her sisters. She's on the far right.

Above: My Grandpa

Above: My Grandpa and Nana on their wedding day.

Above: My Mum with her sisters and Mum (my Mum is the youngest of the three).

Above: My Mum (right) with her sister Carol enjoying a day at the beach!

Above: This is my favourite photo. It's my Nana, who I wish was still here so I could get to know her. From the stories I've heard from my Mum, she sounded like an amazing lady <3

29 August 2011


If you live in North Wales and love chinese food... you have to visit Nikki Ipps. It's a beautiful restaurant in Deganwy that make the best chinese food. It's quite expensive, which is why we only go once in a while. One of their best dishes is 'Yuk Shung': a minced meat and vegetable dish which you wrap in crisp lettuce leaves. I also love the prawn toasts for a starter. The best mains are schezuan sweet and sour chicken and the honey BBQ pork. I'm getting hungry just writing about it all!

The website isn't much, but if you're thinking of going, the menu is online.

We walked to a lovely pub afterwards called the Castle View for some more drinks and then got a taxi home. Lovely night :)


Dress: H&M
Belt: New Look
Rings: JWLRY

I love the posts people do with their outfits on blogs, so this is my first. It's not the best, because I really need to get a tripod for my camera. I love this dress, I got it from H&M about a year ago and it's great to wear in winter with tights and boots, The rings are from Lily Melrose's jewellery store (which I found through looking at blogs) and they're my favourite style of jewellery now. I've bought quite a few different rings and necklaces from there now. Hoping to do a few more posts like this if people like them.


There's not been many photos to choose from this week (which explains all the food ones!) so apologies if it's a bit boring. It's been getting really cold recently, so I'm really pleased to say that I can start wearing my winter clothes again. I love summer, but there's nothing better than skinny jeans, a snuggly jumper and a hat and scarf :) I've not bought any new jumpers or anything yet but I've seen a few I like in River Island so it won't be long!

It would seem that I've eaten a lot this week but I'm a foodie and can't resist taking photos of tasty food. Cooked an amazing full English breakfast on Sunday morning, which I wish I could have every morning! This week has had a bonus... we (well, Aled) won £20 on a scratch card.

The next few weeks should be more interesting because I've got my nephew's 1st birthday, cousin's 25th and Dad's 50th! So interesting, but also expensive. Can't wait for my nephew's birthday because I've got him a very special present (which I'll blog about after the 18th, because it's a surprise) so I can't wait to see his mum and dad's faces. We haven't got anything major planned for my Dad's birthday. He wants to keep it simple, so we're just going to Pen y Bryn for a lovely pub lunch on the 11th.

24 August 2011


Ok, so I actually did this post yesterday... but my blog went a bit crazy and I hated what I'd changed and pictures would sit properly, so I've made changes today and reposted this. My week in pictures is normally done on a Sunday, but I was sick with a virus and couldn't be bothered getting out of bed never mind blogging!

Last week was really tiring. I was moving shelving and stuff in work (and painting a bit too) so I was ready for bed by 5pm each night :') I was actually lucky to get to work one morning because I stupidly let my car run on almost empty. Turned out that it did run out of diesel... in the car park at work. Lucky.

Had a crisps and magazine night with Dale one night too. I've been buying quite a few magazines recently and not reading them properly. I'll have to have a proper read through them all one night with a bottle of wine. The only thing is that I see lots of new clothes I want but can't afford. Loving what's in store for the autumn though. I'm a massive fan of winter accessorising (scarves, gloves, mittens, hats, jumpers, cardigans) so this half assed summer can go away now please!

Went to the local pub on Saturday to watch the Arsenal v Liverpool game, but the pub is too tight to pay for Sky so all they had on was Spanish tennis :/ who wants to watch that when the football is finally back?! Had to settle for Radio 5 Live. Quite glad I didn't watch it all to be honest because we played badly and I'm not looking forward to the rest of the season unless Arsene spends some money. Aled put a bet on the Everton v QPR game too. Which turned out to be a waste of time as his prediction of a 3-0 Everton win wasn't quite right.


My Mum and Dad went on a biking trip to Stirling, Scotland over the weekend. They do a lot for me while I'm at uni, so I thought I'd do something nice for them and re-decorate their room for them while they were away. They've wanted it doing for a while, but it's difficult when you have to stay in the room you're decorating.

So they went away on Friday morning and came back on Monday to find a new room awaiting them. It was decorated with a patterned wallpaper which made it look smaller and darker. I stripped the wallpaper with the help of Aled and Dale on Friday. On Saturday, I painted it with Aled in a lovely neutral colour, which has turned out to really compliment the oak furniture well. I finished it all off with new bedding, curtains, a mirror and frames etc. They really loved it so I'm really glad I did it :)

14 August 2011


It's been a really long week. So tired. But I made up for it last night / this morning as I slept for 11 hours! Haven't done that for years, so I must have been tired. The reason why I've been tired is because I'm still not used to being back in work full time (plus I've been moving stuff about it the shop instead of just serving) and I've babysat twice (Friday and Saturday).

Last Sunday was horrible. Never have I seen riots or such violence in Britain.... for no reason! I watched the news for hours last Sunday night. I was a mixture of upset and annoyed while I was watching all the destruction in London, which then spread to other cities. I'm glad to see it's calmed down a bit, but nothing can bring back the buildings they torched and god knows how the shops will cope(especially the family run smaller ones). Hoping that anyone reading this that lived near the riots is safe now and that it never ever happens again.

Tuesday was hilarious :') The guys in work had arranged a 7-a-side football match at a local pitch. So it was Richard Williams Llandudno Junction v Ruthin and they all took it very seriously! I watched with a few other people from work and we were all in stitches. I'm hoping that more things like that happen because it's nice to have a laugh with people outside of work. We went to the Rhos Fynach pub after the game for a few drinks. People started leaving after the first couple, but because Aled lives really close, we stayed for a few more. Weirdly, I was really drunk by the time we got home :') So I had to go to work with a hangover :/

Went into town on Saturday with Leanne :) She used to work every Saturday, so it's nice to see each other now for lunch and a bit of shopping. We went to Fat Cats for lunch and had some really tasty hummus and bread. Yummy. Then we popped to the shops, where I got a gorgeous new bag, that I blogged about a while ago on a wish list. Also got a couple of new scarves, which is a bit premature but it's been quite cold the last couple of days :(

Had a pretty standard Sunday today really. Sorted out my office, which was a mess. Dyed my hair because the roots were getting horrible. Cooked a roast dinner for me and Aled for after he finished work. And now I need to clean my room. It literally looks like a bomb has hit it, or like 16 year old messy Emma has moved back in! Wish me luck!...

Oh p.s. I watched Bridesmaids today (which is awful.... it is NOT as funny as the Hangover, which is what some people said) and I watched Tron, which I really enjoyed! Hope everyone has a good week :)

10 August 2011


Here's the 5 minute video I took whilst watching the match yesterday. In it you see Phil and Gerry score goals and Dave fall flat on his face :') I would have filmed the whole thing, but the stills are better quality to keep.

Click on the video to view it on the YouTube site (so that it's bigger).


Last night I went to the football match that was organised by work. It was between Llandudno Junction's depot and Ruthin's depot. The game was 7-a-side and played at the new outdoor pitch at Llandrillo College. It was hilarious to watch :') I had such a great time! I didn't realise how serious some of the guys were going to take it, so it was a really good game. Junction won 7-2 :)

Playing for Ruthin was Neil, Rob, Dave, Al, John, Paul, Mike, Roger and Mark. And for Junction, we had Tony, Gerry, Phil, Mike, Geoff, Luke, Fredi and Danny. There was even a trophy at the end! I took over 200 photos, so there's just some of the best ones on here. To see the photos, click here....

7 August 2011


Someone please tell me how it's August already?! This year is literally flying. It's my nephew's 1st birthday next month, which isn't allowed because he's too cute to grow up! It's also my Dad's 50th and I haven't got a clue what to get him yet :/ Then uni starts again in October. Someone make time slow down a little please! Anyway, time for my week in pictures. Not been a massively exciting week as I'm back in work full time, but I've got loads planned for design work in the next few weeks, so I'll post some pictures of those.

001 + 002. Last Sunday, my friend Dale came round for a much needed night of chatting, wine..... and cheese! The whole cheese and wine thing started out as a joke, but he brought loads with him so we had a little feast in my room. Aled joined us after he finished work at 8. I love nights like that, we had such a laugh :') Plus, how did I not know that Galaxy cookie crumble exists?? I've been missing out!

003. Had an old school movie night at Aled's on Monday after work. On holiday, there was a waiter who reminded him of Nik Nak (if that's how you spell it) from one of the James Bond films, so we watched it that night with some popcorn. I love watching older films that I've not seen before. They are nothing like the new James Bond ones, but it's quite nice :)

004. New Amazon goodies!! I haven't bought any new DVD's or Blu-rays for a while, so this was needed! I've got so many films, but I prefer watching them to normal TV. I bought Fighter (awesome film, Christian Bale is amazing in it), Limitless (which I haven't seen yet), Life as we know it (Girly chick flick for when Aled's on nights!), Inception (which I've only seen once but loved it) and The Social Network (which I haven't seen yet). Can't wait to watch them all and chill out this week. I also finally got round to buying an external hard drive to back up all my work and pictures and two books on illustration. There's still loads more on my wish list, but they'll have to wait.

005 + 006. Nothing exciting really, just had some amazing garlic bread and chips one night and felt the need to take a picture :')

007 + 008. Work has been crazy this week. All the phone lines weren't working, so 20 lines were getting directed to one mobile phone. Everyone had to take messages everywhere and we were short staffed, so it was just a bit hectic! It's all sorted now though :) But, it did drive me to having a nice cold Budweiser when I got home.

009. The blonde hair dye has finally got to me again. I used to have this mug in work when I had bleach blonde hair a few years ago and I'm thinking of taking it down there again because the odd stupid sentence has been said by me this week :/ haha.

010 + 011. My Dad has put a massive pin board up in my office. I've always got so much stuff I need to remember about and bit of work I'd like to just pin up so it's off my desk sometimes, so he's put one up above my computer. It was a boring white, but I've painted the initials of my logo in the middle to make it a bit more interesting. It'll be covered by to-do-lists and general crap by the end of the week though.

012. I was babysitting last night for someone from work. It was a pretty easy night as the kids were in bed when I got there! But the best thing about babysitting is having Sky again. Such a simple thing, but we got rid of it a couple of years ago so I miss having all the channels sometimes.