29 July 2011


It's safe to say all of my mobile pictures were going to be from the holiday, but it's worth uploading them. I took quite a few pictures with my phone because the SLR was a bit big to carry everyday and my underwater camera had serious issues with what days it wanted to work on :/ They aren't too bad quality, and they're better than nothing!

001. Last dinner before we left... gorgeous beef roast dinner with the family at Pen y Bryn.
002. I'm a bad traveller, especially on planes :(
003. Bought some Beats headphones in the airport. Best sound quality ever!
004. Rubbish snack we were given on the plane. Don't know how they manage to make it so disgusting.
005. Cheese roll from the snack on the plane. Probably about 95% hard brea and 5% cheese. Yuk.
006. Watching the plane type of sat nav.
007. What kept me entertained on the 10 hour flight :')
008. Amazingly funny book based on 'An idiot abroad'. Worth reading if you love the programme!
009. By the pool at the hotel.
010. Aled chilling with his Beats.
011. Dinner time at the main buffet restaurant.
012. One of the chefs cooking on the BBQ night.
013. Me on the beach at night, before we went for dinner.
014. Really creepy but clever towel art that was left on our bed by the maids.
015. Chilling by the pool.
016. Brochure for Xel-Ha, a natural aquarium place we went snorkelling.
017. A Corona merchandise shop + Aled's heaven.
018. Never knew you could A. get Corona in a can B. get Corona light.
019. Bowl I painted at the hotel. It's been glazed and ready for Mexican night with friends :)
020. Cocktails in the sports bar. Pina Colada and Tequila Sunrise <3
021. Another great book I read on holiday. Dawn French - A Tiny Bit Marvellous.
022. Beautiful fountain in the lobby of the hotel.
023. My mexican sombrero. I have no use for it, but it had to be bought.
024. Wearing the sombrero... haven't worn it since :')
025. Waiting at the airport... flight was delayed by an hour.
026. Last minute shopping in the airport. 
027. Snacks for the plane which lasted all of 5 minutes.
028. A bit better food on the way home, chicken tikka curry!

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