5 July 2011


This evening, I went up to my friends farm in Sychnant Pass, Conwy. I work with her in Richard Williams, so we are always talking about any new arrivals of her husband Dave's little piglets! I haven't seen the field where the pigs are for about 18 months, so it's got a lot bigger. He's had 25 little piglets just this week! The pictures above are of the new tiny little piglets :') they were so cute. There's pink ones, spotty ones and ginger ones!

He looks after them so well, which means they are super tasty when they eventually go for their 'holiday' to the slaughter house :/ (sorry to any vegetarians reading this!). I've had some sausages before and they were delicious, but I want to make a roast dinner with a big piece of pork one Sunday. The picture above here are the pigs that are nearly ready for their departure from the farm.

These ones above are the Mum and Dad pigs. The male on the right, Ginge, is huge! I wouldn't want to be in a pen with him :') haha. I also made the brochure for the free range pork, which you can see on my website. If you live in North Wales, you should check it out :) You can look through the meat available here.

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