3 July 2011


001. Back to work full time! I work in a builders merchants that's just down the road from my house. I've worked there for 7 years (while being in school, college and uni), so I'm used to just getting back into the daily routine of working 8-5 all week. Really tired though because I'm stood up all day and I'm not used to it :') *lazy* Only one more week of work and then it's my holiday though, so it's not bad!

002. Who on earth would want to buy this?! We get the Book Club people in work, who bring a stack of books for you to look over and buy. I was looking through them the other day and this was in it for £3!.... I think it might be missing a couple of vital chapters with what's happened recently! Haha.

003. Trying (well sort of) to eat healthy until I go on holiday, although it will be this next week that I'll try harder. Went to golf with Aled and my Dad after work and it was 8pm by the time they were finished, so neither of us could be bothered cooking :/ figured that a grilled chicken kebab with salad and a pitta wasn't too bad! Was really tasty too :)

004 + 005. I have a poorly foot :( There's a lump on the back of my right heel that keeps growing, which feels like an extra bone, which hurts when I wear shoes (especially my sexy work boots lol). Went to the docs on Friday and he sent me for an x-ray. Get the results next week, I hope they'll be no operations involved :/

006. Did some drawing in the sun on Saturday after work :) Really enjoyed it and can't wait to do more over the summer.

007. Yeah, so the eating healthy thing... :') I couldn't be bothered to cook on sat night, so a takeaway was needed. Got a feast of chicken kebab, wedges and garlic mushrooms *yummy* Couldn't finish it all on my own though, there was enough wedges for a family of 4! Figured it was better than a pizza and cheesy chips though.

008, 009 + 010. I did a car boot with my Dad this morning. I've sold loads of clothes and general rubbish I've hoarded on eBay recently, but I still had quite a lot left, so we did a car boot locally. It was great, I sold most of my stuff and made £55! Not bad considering it was all leftovers really. Mum and Dad's stuff all sold for £45 too :) Dad demonstrated how comfy the sun loungers were by going for a little snooze in the sun!

011 + 012. I've grown my own veg for the last 3 years and I love it :) Had my first broccoli today with my tea, and it tasted amazing. It may be sad, but growing your own veg is so much tastier than the bagged up rubbish from Tesco or Asda.

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