31 July 2011


So it's been a short week because we didn't get back from Mexico until Tuesday. But since then, jet lag has seem to have taken over my life. Work was horrible, only for the fact that I can't have caffeine and I was almost falling asleep after half an hour there! I think I've conquered it now though, after a beautiful lie in this morning :)

001. A blackberry. NEVER did I think I would have a blackberry! As everyone who knows me would say, I've criticised them forever, as I've had an iPhone for the last 2 years. But, the blackberry costs half as much each month, and it doesn't mean I'm on it 24/7 because the apps aren't as good.

002. It's the Blackberry Bold that I went for. This is also the last photo I took on my iPhone!

003. Smudge <3

004. Mmmm. Homemade spaghetti bolognese with garlic bread :) First meal I cooked when I got back off holiday and it was amazing. Although I loved the holiday, it's nice to eat a meal knowing that there's no chance of being ill or anything after it.

005. Our local butchers in Conwy, Edwards, do the best pies. Every saturday in work, one of the lads go there before we start to get some for the morning. I love these ones... Huntsman pie. It's a pork pie with chicken and then stuffing on top. Doesn't sound great, but tastes amazing. People are probably starting to notice that I put a lot of pictures of food on here. Sorry, but I love food... so I can't help it.

006. Went to see Harry Potter at the cinema with my Mum on Friday. I started reading the books when I was 11 and I've been a massive fan since. I like most of the films, even though some of them leave out my favourite parts of the books. I thought the final film was amazing though and it explained everything really well, for someone who hasn't read them. Can't wait to get it on DVD so I can watch it a million more times because I hate going to the cinema. Our one is always full of people who insist on eating loudly, talking, kicking your seat and texting. WHY?! And, we pay so much for the tickets, you think they could put the heating on?? But anyway, amazing film :) Rant over.

007. My gorgeous little nephew and his mum and dad came round on Saturday afternoon. I don't like to put any pictures of him on here and I don't think his parents would want me to anyway, but here's his toy phone! Reminded me of the one on Toy Story :)

008. Finally got round to having the bottle of Moet champagne my mum and dad bought for my results.

009. Had a curry with everyone to go with the champagne (which doesn't really go, so we had beer too). Doesn't look very appetising at all, but curry never does.

010. Made a bacon and egg butty with a cup of tea this morning. Enough said.

011. Watched the F1 in bed whilst eating the butty :) Gutted Hamilton didn't win.

012, 013 + 014. Finally got round to cleaning out my ferret's cage and my car today. Such boring jobs, that no one wants to here about, but they took up my whole day. My ferrets name is Joe :) I used to have eight at one point, but now he's the only one left!

015. Finished my day of boring jobs off with a beautiful roast dinner made by my Mum. Now I'm going to chill for the night with Dale and Aled and gorge on wine, cheese and crackers!

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