10 July 2011


I've not taken many photos on my phone this week because it's slowly dying. I've had my iPhone for two years now and it crashes all the time. The other day it removed all of the photos, which I luckily had backed up on iPhoto! So, when I get back from holiday, I'll be getting a new phone :)

001. Been eating healthy lunches and tea all week because god knows what we'll munch on in Mexico! I'm sure I put on a stone when we went to Jamaica :/ so, I'm hoping that doesn't happen again.

002. Aled brought me a bagel with philadelphia for my breakfast on Saturday morning :) He was working nights on Friday and Saturday so it was as he drove home.

003. I've seen Leanne loads this week, as her boyfriend Matt was away until Friday driving for work. On Saturday night, I had a night off from the diet and we had a slice special from our favourite kebab house down the road from mine. Two massive pieces of pizza + chips for £2.50 = happy Emma.

004. We went to Tesco for some Ben and Jerrys after the pizza, but spotted a pick and mix stand instead :') I think I got more excited about picking the sweets than eating them, because I only had a couple!

005. Almost on holiday! :) I packed the other day ready for Mexico. I've got so many nice dresses and skirts now, that I'm probably taking too many clothes for two weeks. To make it worse, I went to Tesco in Bangor today with Mum and my Grandma, and ended up buying more clothes! I need to be stopped haha. Literally can't wait to go now, I've been showing pictures of the hotels to people in work which makes the waiting worse. The only thing is that I hate flying, so can't wait to land in Mexico safe and sound.

We're going for a family meal to Pen y Bryn (my favourite pub) later, and then I'll be checking all our stuff over with Aled. So I won't have much of a chance to go on Twitter or anything before I go. We're leaving for Manchester at 5am and then our flight is at 9.15am. I'm going to do a couple of blog posts now though that will be scheduled to post while I'm away. See you in two weeks!

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