20 July 2011


At the beginning of June I went to the degree show in Coleg Menai, Bangor. It was my first degree show, so I wasn't sure if you could take photos, which is why I only took a couple and they aren't great. I was going to go to Coleg Menai after school, but decided not to in the end. I was really impressed with the work that was on show. My favourites were the textile and illustration work, as there wasn't much graphic design work there.

The drawings that were in these frames were so elegant. They were all about a character the artist had created, so each one had a part of a story with the illustration. Really pretty.

Short film that coincided with the framed illustrations.

I loved this table. It was completely covered with Alice in Wonderland decorations, including illustrations over newspaper print, little tags and playing cards, and handmade jewellery that matched the theme.

These jars were both pretty and clever. They were set in a small room on their own. The room was full of different shaped and coloured jars that had labels on that what was in them (fictionally) like 36oz of inspiration and 5g of happiness.

This was an amazing sculpture piece of work that a student had made out of driftwood, in the shape of a man. There was a great video that went with it too, that showed the sculpture being made in a pixilation style, and then it emerged from the sea. Really clever.

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