27 July 2011


I'm back from Mexico :( Had such an amazing time, I can't wait to go again one year! We stayed at the Riu Tequila hotel in Playacar, Riviera Maya, which was so great. I've stayed in a Riu in Jamaica, which I thought was good but Mexico beat it hands down. I'll do a different post with some pictures this week.

So yeah, back to reality. Jet lag has now begun to take over my life. I was back in work today (Wednesday) and I was really tired, but now I'm wide awake and I've got work tomorrow :/ HELP. Back working in Richard Williams for the whole summer now. It's really good that they just let me work when I'm free from uni because I don't have the hassle of always finding a summer job. But it's 8-5 Monday to Friday and 8-12 on Saturday so I don't get much free time over the summer.

Planning a trip to Centre Parcs in October / November hopefully though, so that's something to look forward to :) Uni are arranging two trips next year too; the first to Paris in November and the second to New York in March. I don't know which ones to go on or both, but I have a feeling third year is going to be expensive! Quite looking forward to going back already though. Partly because I enjoyed some of the briefs we had last year and the fact that I just want to finish now so we can move out.

But anyway, home sweet home now :) Off to watch a DVD in bed... no doubt Harry Potter because I'm going to see the new film on Friday night, excited!

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