8 July 2011


Today, I was asked by work to design an advert for the company to place in a local paper. I'm so happy to be given the chance to design stuff for work, so I obviously said yes. They said I could bring my iMac down for the day (because there's no programmes to use in work), which made a lot of people want an Apple computer! I needed photos for the advert, but the old ones couldn't be found on any of the computers, so I went to get my SLR to take some new images.

Here are a selection of the photos that I took today and the final advertisement...

The photos are a mixture of the different yards and the products they stock. I prefer the close up shots, as they show off the products well. Below is the final advert, which my bosses liked :) So I can't wait to see it in the paper when I get back from holiday.

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