31 July 2011


So it's been a short week because we didn't get back from Mexico until Tuesday. But since then, jet lag has seem to have taken over my life. Work was horrible, only for the fact that I can't have caffeine and I was almost falling asleep after half an hour there! I think I've conquered it now though, after a beautiful lie in this morning :)

001. A blackberry. NEVER did I think I would have a blackberry! As everyone who knows me would say, I've criticised them forever, as I've had an iPhone for the last 2 years. But, the blackberry costs half as much each month, and it doesn't mean I'm on it 24/7 because the apps aren't as good.

002. It's the Blackberry Bold that I went for. This is also the last photo I took on my iPhone!

003. Smudge <3

004. Mmmm. Homemade spaghetti bolognese with garlic bread :) First meal I cooked when I got back off holiday and it was amazing. Although I loved the holiday, it's nice to eat a meal knowing that there's no chance of being ill or anything after it.

005. Our local butchers in Conwy, Edwards, do the best pies. Every saturday in work, one of the lads go there before we start to get some for the morning. I love these ones... Huntsman pie. It's a pork pie with chicken and then stuffing on top. Doesn't sound great, but tastes amazing. People are probably starting to notice that I put a lot of pictures of food on here. Sorry, but I love food... so I can't help it.

006. Went to see Harry Potter at the cinema with my Mum on Friday. I started reading the books when I was 11 and I've been a massive fan since. I like most of the films, even though some of them leave out my favourite parts of the books. I thought the final film was amazing though and it explained everything really well, for someone who hasn't read them. Can't wait to get it on DVD so I can watch it a million more times because I hate going to the cinema. Our one is always full of people who insist on eating loudly, talking, kicking your seat and texting. WHY?! And, we pay so much for the tickets, you think they could put the heating on?? But anyway, amazing film :) Rant over.

007. My gorgeous little nephew and his mum and dad came round on Saturday afternoon. I don't like to put any pictures of him on here and I don't think his parents would want me to anyway, but here's his toy phone! Reminded me of the one on Toy Story :)

008. Finally got round to having the bottle of Moet champagne my mum and dad bought for my results.

009. Had a curry with everyone to go with the champagne (which doesn't really go, so we had beer too). Doesn't look very appetising at all, but curry never does.

010. Made a bacon and egg butty with a cup of tea this morning. Enough said.

011. Watched the F1 in bed whilst eating the butty :) Gutted Hamilton didn't win.

012, 013 + 014. Finally got round to cleaning out my ferret's cage and my car today. Such boring jobs, that no one wants to here about, but they took up my whole day. My ferrets name is Joe :) I used to have eight at one point, but now he's the only one left!

015. Finished my day of boring jobs off with a beautiful roast dinner made by my Mum. Now I'm going to chill for the night with Dale and Aled and gorge on wine, cheese and crackers!

29 July 2011


It's safe to say all of my mobile pictures were going to be from the holiday, but it's worth uploading them. I took quite a few pictures with my phone because the SLR was a bit big to carry everyday and my underwater camera had serious issues with what days it wanted to work on :/ They aren't too bad quality, and they're better than nothing!

001. Last dinner before we left... gorgeous beef roast dinner with the family at Pen y Bryn.
002. I'm a bad traveller, especially on planes :(
003. Bought some Beats headphones in the airport. Best sound quality ever!
004. Rubbish snack we were given on the plane. Don't know how they manage to make it so disgusting.
005. Cheese roll from the snack on the plane. Probably about 95% hard brea and 5% cheese. Yuk.
006. Watching the plane type of sat nav.
007. What kept me entertained on the 10 hour flight :')
008. Amazingly funny book based on 'An idiot abroad'. Worth reading if you love the programme!
009. By the pool at the hotel.
010. Aled chilling with his Beats.
011. Dinner time at the main buffet restaurant.
012. One of the chefs cooking on the BBQ night.
013. Me on the beach at night, before we went for dinner.
014. Really creepy but clever towel art that was left on our bed by the maids.
015. Chilling by the pool.
016. Brochure for Xel-Ha, a natural aquarium place we went snorkelling.
017. A Corona merchandise shop + Aled's heaven.
018. Never knew you could A. get Corona in a can B. get Corona light.
019. Bowl I painted at the hotel. It's been glazed and ready for Mexican night with friends :)
020. Cocktails in the sports bar. Pina Colada and Tequila Sunrise <3
021. Another great book I read on holiday. Dawn French - A Tiny Bit Marvellous.
022. Beautiful fountain in the lobby of the hotel.
023. My mexican sombrero. I have no use for it, but it had to be bought.
024. Wearing the sombrero... haven't worn it since :')
025. Waiting at the airport... flight was delayed by an hour.
026. Last minute shopping in the airport. 
027. Snacks for the plane which lasted all of 5 minutes.
028. A bit better food on the way home, chicken tikka curry!

28 July 2011


Top row: Tesco | Primark | Tesco | Primark and River Island
Second row: New Look | River Island and Dorothy Perkins | Asda | River Island and Dorothy Perkins
Third row: New Look and River Island | Primark | Tesco | Republic

Brown belt is from H&M, White one is from ASOS
Gladiator sandals are from River Island

Never have I taken so many clothes on holiday :') I normally take a few items which I wear more than once... then get back and decide I hated all of the clothes. So I made sure I bought some nice dresses before I went, that I hopefully wouldn't hate by the time I got back! I really hate paying River Island prices at the moment, so most of my clothes were from Tesco and Primark, who have both had some really nice stuff in recently. So I managed to wear something different every night :) I think Aled got a bit bored by the end of the 2 weeks of taking the same sort of photo, but it's nice to be reminded of what looked nice. There was a couple of nights where I just threw on a skirt and t-shirt because Aled wasn't feeling too good so we didn't go out for long or very far, but apart from that I'm pleased with my choices :) Looking at them makes me want to go back though!


Mexico was so perfect I didn't want to leave. I had such a great time :) Couldn't fault the hotel; the food was yummy, the drinks were alcoholic and the pool was relaxing. The flight was rubbish but that's because First Choice never seem to be able to get anything right :/ We weren't even sat together on the way back! But anyway, I'd highly recommend it to anyone whose thinking of going away.

Took 700 photos while we were there (obsessed) but these are just a few of my favourites as most are of me and Aled. My underwater camera died while I was there too :( I've had it since 2008 and it seems it's finally had too much water as there's some in the screen. but, I always love an excuse to buy a new one!

I don't really like beaches, so we only spent one day down there. They are beautiful and relaxing, but once you've been in the sea, the sand does my head in. We went on the second day and rented some boogie boards, as there was constant waves, but that was enough. 

Above and below: The pool and jacuzzi that was in the hotel. There was actually two pools (one on either side of the large thatched building in the picture) but we always stayed in this one because it had the swim up pool bar. I think we drank more in the day than at night because they were so refreshing with the mad hot weather we had!

This is the where our room backed onto. We were the third room along (ground floor) in the building you can see. It was really nice because it was close to the pool but away from the main lobby and entertainment. The Coati's always ran past at about 6/7pm every night searching for food which was funny.

Saw loads of crazy animals when we were there. Iguanas, Lizards, Coatis, Cats and horrible birds that just constantly wanted your food. The funniest were the coatis. I've never seen or heard of them before the holiday. But they were like a mix between a cat and a lemur. Odd. There was loads of the at the hotel, pretty harmless apart from wanting your food. 

We only went on one day trip, to Xel-Ha. It's a natural aquarium, where you can go snorkelling, cliff diving, there's a lazy river, you can swim with dolphins and lots more. It was one of the most beautiful places I've been to. I'm not a great swimmer, but Aled's like a fish so he was into the diving and snorkelling straight away. I freaked at first, but managed to go snorkelling after a couple of coronas :)

27 July 2011


I'm back from Mexico :( Had such an amazing time, I can't wait to go again one year! We stayed at the Riu Tequila hotel in Playacar, Riviera Maya, which was so great. I've stayed in a Riu in Jamaica, which I thought was good but Mexico beat it hands down. I'll do a different post with some pictures this week.

So yeah, back to reality. Jet lag has now begun to take over my life. I was back in work today (Wednesday) and I was really tired, but now I'm wide awake and I've got work tomorrow :/ HELP. Back working in Richard Williams for the whole summer now. It's really good that they just let me work when I'm free from uni because I don't have the hassle of always finding a summer job. But it's 8-5 Monday to Friday and 8-12 on Saturday so I don't get much free time over the summer.

Planning a trip to Centre Parcs in October / November hopefully though, so that's something to look forward to :) Uni are arranging two trips next year too; the first to Paris in November and the second to New York in March. I don't know which ones to go on or both, but I have a feeling third year is going to be expensive! Quite looking forward to going back already though. Partly because I enjoyed some of the briefs we had last year and the fact that I just want to finish now so we can move out.

But anyway, home sweet home now :) Off to watch a DVD in bed... no doubt Harry Potter because I'm going to see the new film on Friday night, excited!

20 July 2011


At the beginning of June I went to the degree show in Coleg Menai, Bangor. It was my first degree show, so I wasn't sure if you could take photos, which is why I only took a couple and they aren't great. I was going to go to Coleg Menai after school, but decided not to in the end. I was really impressed with the work that was on show. My favourites were the textile and illustration work, as there wasn't much graphic design work there.

The drawings that were in these frames were so elegant. They were all about a character the artist had created, so each one had a part of a story with the illustration. Really pretty.

Short film that coincided with the framed illustrations.

I loved this table. It was completely covered with Alice in Wonderland decorations, including illustrations over newspaper print, little tags and playing cards, and handmade jewellery that matched the theme.

These jars were both pretty and clever. They were set in a small room on their own. The room was full of different shaped and coloured jars that had labels on that what was in them (fictionally) like 36oz of inspiration and 5g of happiness.

This was an amazing sculpture piece of work that a student had made out of driftwood, in the shape of a man. There was a great video that went with it too, that showed the sculpture being made in a pixilation style, and then it emerged from the sea. Really clever.

16 July 2011


I went to Chester Zoo in April, before I started my blog, with Nic and Sophie from uni. It was such a lovely sunny bank holiday Friday :) We had a great time, and I took some good photos while we were there. I could happily go to the zoo every week, because the animals always act differently, and sometimes you can get better shots depending on where they are in their enclosures.

Spot the jaguar! :)