15 June 2011


Yesterday I went to the Glyndwr uni degree show in Wrexham. I met Sophie, NIc, Tom and Beverly (all from uni) there and we walked over to the arts building together. The show was really good! It didn't have a lot of graphic design work, but the illustrations and textiles work was really nice. I'm loving illustration at the moment :) can't wait to get this essay out of the way, and then I can start doodling whenever I want. I took some pictures whilst I was there because some of the students don't have websites and I really want to use their work for inspiration for future briefs. I don't know whether you're meant to take photos, but one of the students said go ahead, so I don't need telling twice! Apologies for the poor quality photos, I had to take my Mum's camera :/ and it ran out of battery towards the end! Anyway, here are some of my favourite pieces….

I really like this childlike drawing, especially the hand drawn type. Me and Sophie both agreed that it reminded us of the Charlie and Lola characters :') not that I've ever read / watched them!

I like the concept of these teabag packaging designs, making the different flavours relate to a different character of the Alice in Wonderland books. But, I think the type lets it down a bit in my opinion.

Another illustration I like. This one is quite softly drawn, and looks like it would really suit a children's book.

I really like to incorporate textiles into my design work, so I was always going to like these little handmade stuffed owls :) I love their bright colours and wide eyes. Not sure if anything like this would ever find itself in my graphic design work next year but I would like to make one!

Another different style of animation, this one done with inks. The drawing of the buildings is so intricate,  very talented illustrator. I really like this style of using inks. I have my own set of inks but I don't use them enough.... this may change soon.

This really reminds me of my friend Sophie's work :) She's really talented at cutting tricky shapes out of textured card and paper, and she has a distinct style. It's all really pretty, but I don't have the patience to cut things like this out.

I really like these doodles. There's something really nice about them being in black and white, without any colour. Something like this would look really nice if used as a background (maybe). I have a really bad habit of throwing away any quick doodles I do in uni or at home. I'm not throwing anything away next year, I need to start being messier.

More stuffed animals :) The fruit are really funny, like little characters.

I looked through this persons work for ages. The illustrations were so lovely, but to make it even better, they had all been made into a published book, along with the children's story. The illustrations look nice when on their own as artwork, but they work even better in the book.

Nice illustration work where a jumper unravels into a big 'doodle' of wool gradually in each drawing. What I liked most was that the drawings were hung on a roll of paper that reached the floor, which added to the effect that the jumper was unravelling.

 There was also a photography section, which was really interesting to me. I like these photos taken by one of the students, which are based in a city centre. All of the photos are of people in the city, but they aren't posing, the images just show the life of the city to the average passer by.

The last image before my camera ran out :( and to make it worse, it was smudged slightly. Another nice illustration though.

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