11 June 2011


This is my work for the Village Dairy brief I did whilst I was at my work placement in View Creative. I really enjoyed working on this brief, and I came up with a few different styles for the re-brand, but this was my favourite, which I mocked up onto yoghurt pots and onto different merchandise. I had designed a quite bold and typographical style for the brief, which I did like, but at the team meeting the day before the client meeting, Simon, the boss, told me to go crazy with cow print :') It was really fun and I came up with these ideas by the next day! The client liked the concept, saying that it would work well for the children's pots (maybe not as much for adults). I'm going to carry on with this brief, making a couple of adaptions and taking it a bit further to see how the other products they do would look, so any feedback and comments would be appreciated :)

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