2 June 2011


I had nothing planned for tonight, apart from cooking some tea and watching rubbish on TV with Aled. But just before we went to Tesco for food, Aled got a call from the golf shop in Chester to say that his golf clubs were in. So.... there was no way he wasn't going to wait till tomorrow to get them! We jumped in the car and went to to the shop on Sealand Road, Chester, to pick them up. I don't think I've seen Aled happier than when he picked them up! Haha, a bit of an exaggeration, but he was super happy.

It was half 7 by the time we left the shop and I couldn't be bothered with cooking when we got back, so we made the short journey over to Cheshire Oaks for tea at Chiquitos. Amazing plan. The food was great... it going to start looking like I eat out all the time :/ but yeah, the food was great. We had the sharing platter thing for starter and then shared mixed fajhitas. I love going out for food, but my purse doesn't seem to agree. I'm in work tomorrow and babysitting at night, so no posts tomorrow at all. And then work on Saturday morning :( Going to be tired by Saturday night!

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