28 June 2011


Two days late (woops!) but I was super tired after Glastonbury, so I've only just had the chance to do it. I haven't been taking as many pictures on my phone recently because it's gone so slow in it's old age :'( I've got an iPhone 3G and it's nearly 2 years old, so everything seems to crash and slow up now. Thinking of getting a Blackberry Bold when I get back from Mexico (which i never thought I'd say!).

001. I literally love Mexican food. I could eat it every night :) So, here's a picture of our yummy chicken fajhitas that we have at least once a week. I can't wait to try them on holiday to see how different they are.

002. Okay, I'm a huge Angry Birds fan. Sad as it may be, but I have every version and updates available and 3 stars in every level. So, you can imagine how annoying it's been to have just one level at two stars (in the first world!) since I downloaded it. But, last week, I finally did it!! :) haha *GEEK*

003 + 004. Went to golf with Aled last week. He's a member at North Wales Golf Club in Llandudno, so I go after work with him quite a lot in the summer. I can't play golf, I've tried and failed miserably, but it's good to go for the walk after work because the views are really pretty and, to be honest, I really enjoy watching golf.

005, 006 + 007. GLASTONBURY! We left on Tursday morning at 4:30am (YUK!) for the legendary festival in Somerset. It took 4 and a half hours to get down there, so I put Aled on the insurance for my car so that we could share the driving.

008. Arrived at a very muddy and rainy Glastonbury. Our phones didn't work when we got there, which was weird because they had full signal and even 3G but we couldn't make calls or text. It didn't matter anyway because the batteries died after a few hours, so this is the only picture I took on my phone!

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