5 June 2011


This has been a pretty random week! It's been my 4th week at my work placement in View Creative (can't believe it's my last week there next week!). It was great to get a four day week because of the bank holiday, I had the saturday morning off work so it was a long weekend of lie ins for me :)

001. My gorgeous nephew Coby happily munching on the nose of my beloved cuddly Baloo bear! His mummy and daddy (my cousin Barry and wife Leila) brought him around on Monday to see us as they were going on holiday on Friday to Turkey. I'm going to miss his little giggles and attempts at crawling in the next two weeks, but I'm sure he's having an awesome time and I'll see them when they're back.

002 + 003. Pictures from the photo shoot I went on (Wednesday). Matt from View is a great photographer and he was doing a photo shoot at Bangor University, photographing some of the law students for a new prospectus that View are designing. I've always been interested in photography so it was a great experience for me to go on the shoot and see how Matt set the equipment up and how to do shoots against a white background.

004. Thursday night took us on a random trip to Chester to pick Aled's golf clubs up that he had ordered last week. I was super tired after work, so my slippers were the perfect footwear for the trip :)

005, 006 + 007. A few snaps from our yummy meal at Chiquitos in Cheshire Oaks after picking up the golf clubs.

008. This is some of the packaging ideas I've been working on whilst at my work placement. I love designing packaging, so I'm super happy to have this brief to work on. I've done a couple of different designs so far, and actually thought of a great new element to one of the designs just before I finished on Friday, so I can't wait to carry on working on them tomorrow morning! We've got a team meeting on Monday about everyones work so far and then the client is coming in on Tuesday to see the ideas. I'm really gutted that this will be my last week when I'm really enjoying this project :(

009. Friday was B.E.A.UTIFUL in sunny Rhos on Sea, so it called for a trip to the pub at lunch time. A group of us went, and there was nothing better than a cold bottle of Corona to cool me down :) However, the hour of sitting in the sun, chatting and drinking cold beer did turn me quite sleepy for the rest of the afternoon :')

010. Last night, Me and Aled stayed in. We had pizza, drank alcohol and watched saturday night TV. Because we could. I saw this bottle of wine in the Co-op during the week and loved how to-the-point the packaging label was. So, when I saw it in our local shop, I decided to buy it, purely for the label.... but it would be a waste to not drink it right??

011. End of the week. Tired. And I hate Sundays, they're so boring! Bought Cosmo and Company for some ideas for new clothes for Glastonbury and Mexico. Really can't wait to go shopping now!

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