19 June 2011


It's been a bit of a random week. Sunshine, rain, essay writing, walks and food! I'm getting really excited about Glastonbury now too :) I'm going to pack later on today, which I'm dreading because I don't know what clothes to take. I keep checking the 10 day weather forecast and there's not much rain at the moment, but it's Britain, so anything could happen!

001. Ariba! Our tickets for Mexico have arrived! :) I'm so excited it's ridiculous. I literally can't wait to just lie on a beach for two weeks and drink cocktails. We go on July 11th, so it's only 3 weeks away now. We're staying in Playacar, but I'm hoping to visit Cancun because there's a bar crawl night out thing that you can go on. Note to self: Don't get as drunk as I did in Jamaica and everything will be ok :')

002. Random, but I grow lots of my own fruit and veg. These are my own strawberries that I had with some cornflakes the other morning. They're so yummy I don't want them to stop growing.

003. My baby boy ferret, Joe. I used to have 8, but they've all grown old and gone to pet heaven now :( Joe is my only one now. It was really sunny here the other day, so I put him out in the garden to run about and dig some holes in the lawn.

004, 005, 006 + 007. I went to the Wrexham degree show on Monday with Nic and Sophie from uni. The show was really good (there's a separate post about it). It was so sunny that day, I shouldn't have worn a black top and skinny jeans. We went to Tesco afterwards and bought some lunch to have a little picnic on the grass near the car park. I think the locals were looking at us a bit funny, but there was no way I was sitting in a black car to eat my lunch!

008. On Tuesday, my friend Dale came round for a catch up. He fancied a curry, so I made my homemade chicken tikka massala :) Picture doesn't look great, but it was really tasty. I love cooking, I can't wait to have my own place and cook every night.

009. After our food on Tuesday, we went for a walk up to Bryn Pydew and back. I've no idea how long it was, but it took ages because I'm slow at walking. You can probably tell by the photo that wearing gladiator sandals wasn't the best idea... a nettle stung my foot :(

010. A lovely foal we saw in one of the fields we passed. Dale got it to come over, but it was bored of us after a couple of minutes.

011. One mahoosive strawberry that I picked off the plants the other day. I wish they were all that big!

012. I've never seen Fight Club. Well, I sort of have now. Me and Aled watch a DVD every night, but I don't like all of the ones at his house. He suggested Fight Club, which I'd never seen... but Brad Pitt is topless in it... so I agreed to give it a go! I was really enjoying it, but I haven't seen the last hour yet because it got quite late and we were sleepy :') hopefully I'll see the rest next time I'm at his. Oh yeah, sweet popcorn. NOM.

013. On Thursday, we all handed in our essay about the work based learning. It was bags of fun to write a 3200 word essay in two days :/ But anyway, it's all handed in now and I've officially finished my second year! We get our results on July 12th (I'm in Mexico, so the internet better work!). We (Me, Alice, Soph, Nic, Chris, Alex, Andy and Lorna) all went to the Slug & Lettuce in Chester afterwards for some lunch to celebrate. I had this greek chicken kebab meal with a flatbread and hummus. It was amazing, I want to go back and eat it again.

014. My cat, Smudge :) He's always sleeping on my bed at the moment. I think it's because it gets the sun all day, so he's nice and warm! He was sleeping on his back the other day though, proper chilled out kitty.

015. Had a night in with Leanne last inght, because we're getting old and prefer a load of snacks and a cup of tea, rather than shots and dancing (well, sometimes!). Had some doughnut cakes :)

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