13 June 2011


It's a day late, but my week in pictures :) I would have posted it last night, but it was my Mum's birthday so we were out all day and then I just snuggled up in bed watching 'The Big Bang Theory' which I love :')

001. It was my last week at View Creative. I spent most of the week working on the Village Dairy brief, which we presented to the client on Tuesday. I would love to see these pots on the shelf in Tesco or Asda because I just love bright colours and fun designs, but it was just my placement brief so they shall just have to stay in my portfolio for now :) I've been writing a journal whilst at my placement, and I'm hoping to get it printed this week sometime. If I don't do it myself, I might get in done online.

002. So many people have been tweeting and blogging about he Graze boxes. I'd never heard of them before, but as a self confessed snack-a-holic I thought I'd give them a go :) The first box was free, and the second is half price, but I'll probably cancel it after that because I only wanted to see what they're like. It's a box with four chosen goodies in it. I chose 'the herb garden', 'fiery cashews', 'cheddar, red onion and chutney focaccia' and the 'honeycomb flapjack'. I've only had the focaccia bread so far which was so tasty! I don't know what I'll be getting in it this week but I can't wait for my delivery tomorrow.

003. As it was my last week at View, I had to have an appraisal as part of the module. It went really well and I'm so pleased that I got on with everyone and that they thought that I'd done well. All I have to do now is a 3600 word essay by Thursday.... YAY :/ I should be doing it now, and I will get started at some point. Maybe some lunch first...

004. Went shopping with Leanne on Saturday into town after work. Llandudno is getting worse and worse for clothes. there was literally nothing I liked in any of the shops, even though River Island had half the store in a sale. We headed over to Home Bargains so Leanne could get some cheap alcohol and bits and bobs after. It's not somewhere I normally go because there are some weirdos around here, but I always end up buying a few things because it's so cheap. Got some Simple sun cream and make up wipes and crisps and chocolate and general boring things. Quite sad to think I couldn't find anything in town but came out with a bag full of things in Home Bargains :')

005 + 006. It was my Mum's birthday yesterday (Sunday). We didn't really have anything planned, but I ended up driving us all to Chester for some retail therapy. I have no money to my name at the moment, but I also have no bikinis or clothing that fit for the holiday... so it had to be done! Me and Aled were going to go to the Trafford Centre this week, so it saved us a trip to there. Got two bikinis from La Senza and a load of bargains from Primark :) so I'm really happy now! Just can't wait to get back to work after Mexico so some pennies can go back into my account rather than out. Went out for a carvery when we got home too. I would've taken a photo, but I was so hungry I couldn't wait to eat it :)

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