11 June 2011


My work placement at View Creative has finished :( It's been amazing. I've learnt so much, and it's only made me want to be a graphic designer more. I enjoy uni (seeing friends and being allowed to be so free with briefs) but I didn't think I would enjoy the industry as much. It probably helped that View are such a relaxed and friendly place to work. They have a great attitude to design; everyone shares links and blogs and they all help each other with work. I felt like I got on with everyone really well, it probably helps that I'm used to working with mainly men and that I'm a chatterbox :)

I got the chance to work on some cool briefs while I was there, but my favourite by far was the Village Dairy brief (I'll blog about it separately) as it was a complete re-brand, along with packaging for their yoghurts, which are sold mainly in Wales but are going into England now too. I got to go 'crazy' with the brief and came up with some really cool ideas! I also worked on some spreads for a brochure, a couple of adverts and other bits and bobs. I did quite a bit of hand drawn type and illustration while I was there, which is something I might do more of when I'm in third year.

Anyway, I'm really sad it's over, but they said I'm welcome to pop by anytime if I want any feedback on uni work, which is great because our tutors are useless sometimes. And maybe they'll have a job opening once I've finished uni (hopefully).

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