1 June 2011


I've had a great day today :) I helped out at a photo shoot in Bangor Uni in the morning, as part of my placement (pictures and post to follow). Then once we were finished, I met my mum in Bangor centre for lunch and some shopping. I don't really go to Bangor much, so it was a nice change of scene from Llandudno. We went to Fat Cat's for lunch, which was amazing. I haven't had food there in years, and it's changed so much. It's miles better, and I sadly found myself falling in love with the menus and how they present the food *geek*

I had a board of mixed bread with a side of homemade hummus and olive oil for starter. It was presented on a wooden board with custom designed newspaper print, which was so unique and interesting to see. For main, I had roasted red peppers, stuffed with cous cous and covered with feta cheese. I'm getting hungry again just typing this! Haha. It was well worth the visit and I highly recommend it to anyone :) In fact, I'm going back on monday with the girls as it's 20% off!

So, shopping wasn't as fun as I hoped. I'm going to Glastonbury (June 22nd) and Mexico (July 11th) this year and I'm in desperate need of some new clothes before I go to either. I picked up so many things in H&M, none of which I bought because I couldn't decide which ones and I couldn't afford them all *sigh* Anyway, Me and Aled have decided to go the the Trafford Centre in Manchester at some point so hopefully I'll get lots of nice new clothes then. However, I did buy lots of nice new nail varnish colours. I've bitten my nails ever since I was little, but for the last month I've enjoyed painting them and I've managed not to bite them. So I invested in some new colours, can't wait to try them out. Going to do the green one now I think. Back to work tomorrow.... but it will be Thursday already, so not long till the weekend.

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