28 June 2011


Time for my Glasto blog post :) I had such an amazing time at the festival! When we got home, I was pretty knackered and sunburnt and I didn't think I'd want to go again, but after talking about it so much with people in work and friends, I really would love to go again. We were lucky enough to have hospitality tickets, so that meant we camped in a separate area and had access to the VIP part behind the stages.

We left on Thursday morning at 4:30am, which wasn't as tiring as I thought it would be. It paid off anyway because there was no traffic and we arrived there at 10am :) The worst part about the whole weekend is where the car was parked. It was literally in the furthest car park (which wasn't even on the site map!), so the trek to the campsite was a nightmare. It was raining when we got there, and then 30 degrees when we left. I'm not complaining, but lugging all your camping gear in either of those conditions is rubbish. It was all worth it though!

We saw Chipmunk, Two Door Cinema Club, Katy B, Chase and Status, U2, Jessie J, Tinie Tempah, Wretch 32, Example, Labrinth and Coldplay! There were so many other acts I wanted to see, but we had to chose and arrange which ones because it took ages to get to the different stages in the mud. I'm gutted I didn't get to see Beyonce, but we decided to leave early because of the queue to get out and the trek to the car and everything.

The best bits about hospitality have to be the separate camping, proper toilets, showers and backstage bars. Because not as many people had access to the backstage areas, it wasn't as muddy. We saw some celebs there too; Leighton Baines (Everton player, so Aled was happy we saw him), Chris Moyles, John Bishop, Al Murray, Tim Lovejoy, Sara Cox and Wayne Rooney's rather drunk brother Graeme.

My pictures aren't great because I didn't want to risk taking my SLR. So, I was stuck with my battery eating Kodak compact and Aled's cheap-and-chearful camera :/

His and hers sleeping bags :) Our very tidy tent before 4 days of drinking, eating and being lazy took place.

My new Hunter wellies all muddy after just walking from the car!

Very proud after putting the tent up! Haha. Off to get the beers from the car.

Hospitality wristbands. I don't know how they were different to the normal ones but it was quite cool to just flash these at the security guards and walk straight into backstage.

First beer of the weekend!

First of many beers :') I'm quite proud of myself for getting drunk 3 nights in a row! I'm normally way too hungover to even think about drinking for a second night, never mind third.

My room mate for the weekend :) Got the tent up in a surprisingly quick time too!

One of the only pictures where we don't look overly sunburnt!

The state of the festival on the Thursday, before most of the rain. Wellies at the ready!

I didn't like Pimms until a while ago, when I tried it at the BBQ at View. It's really nice now on a summer day. Had a whole jug of it in Glasto.... which may be the reason for my sore head the next day!

Aled's awesome new hoody from one of the stalls. Mario <3

A posey picture had to be done! Starting to get a bit sunburnt here, but it's all in preparation for Mexico.

Rain, rain, go away, come back another day!

The cool little schedule you get with all the times of the acts in it. It was really handy to have for the weekend because neither of us wanted to carry around the programme.

The only celebrity I asked for a picture... Chris Moyles! I love the Radio 1 DJ so I couldn't help but ask for a photo. He's actually a lot shorter than what I thought he was!

It was always going to happen :( I fell over in the mud. I don't really know why, I wasn't in a big crowd or pushed, but before I knew it, I was in the mud! Haha. It was quite funny, and the alcohol probably helped.

Funny weather all round at Glastonbury! The first picture shows a grey, gloomy sky and literally 5 minutes later, the sun was out! Which made carrying two hoodies and two coats for us a bit annoying!

The crowd at the Tine Tempah set on the Pyramid stage. The set was AMAZING! I've seen Tinie before, at Wakestock, but this was unreal! If you're a fan, check it out on the BBC website, because he was on form.

Random people we met who were dressed like Super Mario. LEGENDS.

The last picture the camera took before dying :( We were at the Wretch 32 set in Dance East. Great set, with a guest appearance from Example (to perform 'Unorthadox'). Went backstage and saw him after too!

Hope you've enjoyed the photos and my babbling :)

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